General Questions

No, Houzzen is not involved in any financial transactions between students and landlords. Though Houzzen reviews all landlord submissions we advise all users to use good judgement with any financial transactions and visit our “Rental Standards” page for more information on acceptable Canadian processes for landlord – tenant agreements. Houzzen does ask that any suspicious or fraudulent activity be reported to us immediately.

A. No, only prospective landlords that you choose can see your tenant profile.

Houzzen suggests that details pertaining to how you as a tenant would impact the property are all that you should share. Houzzen strongly discourages sharing religious affiliations, sexual orientation, financial status and other personal details on a profile. Houzzen reserves the right to cancel and refund any subscription if admin feel that inappropriate or offensive language or negotiations are occurring.

That is correct Houzzen is free for landlords.

Students have to pay $3 to view the listings. Houzzen is on the ground looking for housing for International students. Other housing mediums are crowded.

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